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We’ve got real tutors working with great students of all ages, helping
them to succeed in school with assignments, homework, test prep, or any other needs. Our tutors are subject matter experts who are background checked and open to meeting in person as well as online. For all your tutoring needs, ask us.

In Person, Online, or In Home

We want your student to succeed, no matter where that takes place. Our tutors can work with your student in person at one of our two learning centers in Barrington and Wheaton, travel to your home, or meet online.

High Quality Tutoring

We employ experienced tutors equipped to guide your student towards academic success.

Flexible Schedules

Need to change the time of a session or get an extra session in last minute? We can work with that! Our tutors will work to meet the schedule that best suits your needs.

We Want Your Student to Succeed

We have been helping families find a great tutor in the Northwest and Western Suburbs of Chicago for 5 years, at home and online! Come visit one of our learning centers in Barrington and Wheaton for tutoring. If you prefer the comfort of your own home, not a problem! We can send one of our tutors to your home as well. With online tutoring becoming more popular, we are also well equipped to help even more students succeed with our team of great tutors. We are experts in finding great tutors for your student, no matter their age, ability, or subject they need help with. We have experience tutoring students of all ages, even through college.

All our tutors are screened, trained, and equipped to help your student succeed. Whether they are struggling with a class, wanting to improve their test scores, needing help with study skills, or just want to go above and beyond academically, we are here to help them reach their goal.

Our Match Process

We get it, not just any tutor will do. After reaching out to us, we’ll schedule a meeting where we get to know exactly what your needs are and determine how we can best support you and your student. A member of our team will work to match you with a tutor who can both help your student academically and build a lasting connection.

Here's How We Can Help Your Student

No matter your student’s needs, we can help them. We start that process by identifying where support is needed. We offer a variety of services each designed to help your student grow academically and reach success.

Standardized test scores can open many doors for your student. We want to help them get there. Our tutors have a lot of experience with both the SAT and ACT standardized tests. Through individualized test prep tutoring and official practice tests, your student will know exactly what to expect and be prepared for come test day! *First official practice test is free of charge*

School is tough enough. Don’t let being confused on homework hold your student back. Our tutors can walk through your student’s homework assignments with them, making sure they understand along the way and can confidently complete their assignments. Tutors also use this time to identify and bridge any gaps in understanding. Weekly sessions also help hold your student accountable for finishing their assignments

If your student has suffered from learning loss, we are here to help. We use the Let’s Go Learn assessment to gauge your student’s current learning level and create a concrete plan to get them where they need to be. After your student takes the assessment, our team of tutors assess that information and build an appropriate plan to get your student back on track.

Do you want to ensure your student is ready for college? We can help with that. Our tutors are ready to prepare your student for whatever college classes they will be taking. We provide help with specific college subjects, help them secure understanding of material already covered in high school, or provide great tips and strategies for college success.

Does your student need an extra push, or some extra one-on-one time to cement what they have been learning in school? We’ve got you covered. Study Skills tutoring is a great way for your student to learn not just material, but how to better organize, study, and maintain a strong work ethic in school. Our tutors work with your student to build a learning plan and find success academically.

Here's Our Pricing. It's Simple.

Tutoring is charged by the hour. 60 minutes in our most common session length for middle school and high school students. However, our sessions can be as long or as short as you’d like, including half-hour increments. Our expert tutors will help your student with any of their educational needs.

  • Middle School and Under $65
  • High School Tutoring $75
  • Test Prep for ACT or SAT $85

    ACT or SAT Test prep workbooks can also be included at an additional charge of $149.​

No commitment is necessary! Click the button to tell us about your student’s needs and we’ll get in touch with you to see how we can help.

What Our Families Are Saying

Jennifer T
Jennifer T
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In the fall of 2020, I made the difficult decision to pull my autistic son from public school due to the pandemic. He would have been miserable in an online learning situation, so I was better off putting him in full time therapy and using tutoring to keep his academics from slipping. I came in with the expectation of maintaining the status-quo at best. I had really started to doubt if my son would ever learn to read, and now that my hope is restored, I am excited about what else he's going to learn how to do. This experience will make me a better advocate for him when he goes back to school. When he does go back to school, we will be staying with Robin to make sure he keeps moving forward.
Stacey W
Stacey W
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I sent my daughter to College Nannies and Tutors for 3 separate things - 1) to prepare for a retake of the ACT; and 2) to help with a junior math class and 3) help with a senior math class. Brian helped her with the ACT and senior math class. Because of his patient and knowledgeable help, she gained 4 points on the ACT retake and raised her senior math grade. The first tutor also helped her do better with junior math. Although the scores went up in each section, the math scores on the ACT showed the greatest improvement which is significant since that was the area where she had the greatest anxiety. The extra 4 points on the ACT helped her get a scholarship. And, now that she is in college, I see that her study skills have improved and she also did pretty well in college math. I highly recommend College Nannies and Tutors for both test prep and regular class tutoring.
Rose Malone
Rose Malone
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My daughter took the ACT and did not do as well as she needed to get into the colleges of her choice. She has never considered herself to be a very good test-taker, so we sought the help of CNT to help boost her score. It worked! After tutoring with CNT, she re-took the ACT, improved her score and is now enrolled at her #1 pick school! Thank you, College Nannies & Tutors. I would highly recommend your service to any parent who wants to help give their child an edge.

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